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    .October 2018 media

    Be-team.co Latest update- i have been invited to Maker FaireRome 2018 this October 11-15th to explain what we do in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory incubator and to pitch this platform to Makers from around the world to make hardware and software for users to connect with and enhance their journey. excited.

    We are almost ready for testing and release of Consumer level Beta app. First step- We appeal to youthe Makers; the thinkers, the tinkerers around the world, the Coders, the device Manufacturers, the art installation makers who live for a day- We at Be-team.co Appeal to the minorities that do, actually do something about their environment- hell bent on making a difference, making a change, making a connection. We give you a platform, a voice.- Get in there there and Make a difference! Sign up now.

    Yes even making a splash.
    You notice at our Maker Faire Rome desks you can literally wire your brain to make a splash- Our challenge is not making games- we know we can do that- But we want You- the Makers to make games for us- Bring us your devices, Bring us your art, bring us your games. New games where old once rotted.
    • Artists- Conceive a space for your art to live on. Tell us what device you want your art to exploit the living data out of. Show us how it can visualise this journey called life and make a permanent record for the consumer user, for your art to live on.
    • Game dev coders- Make Web OS based games in any associated platform- initially Phaser and Web OS. Unity and more to follow. You can start by turning our hardware art installation into a game, make it many levels- conceive new ways to present physiological or environmental data. Think of new ways to mess with our heads and engage our love for ourselves as unique incredible and phenomenal collections of atoms- My god, you were created as a one off, make a game worthy.
    • Device manufacturers- use us as one of your homes to sell into. Sell direct to our consumers hungry to keep using their devices- Sell to people who value their network and encourage their friends to see their results- This means referral rates for buying the same devices. Our people we think will be hungry for new ways to visualise data- give us the rights to visualise your data- usually in .jsn format. We will do the rest.

    We have focused on and created a brand new social network on our app; It is a social network that promotes the pursuit of productivity to people- its also a platform to encourage getting out of your own head- literally using ‘planetary’ images as an analogy for that- it incorporates the basics of a full social network like Facebook without the adverts, promoting the route to productivity we encourage conversations. Trolling in any context will not be tolerated.
    We have the start of a mini-games platform, and of course a stats page for the health tracker for when you buy/ link devices.

    We have been to New York Maker Faire 2018, meeting speakers and developers. We will find you if you do not find us first- welcome to our family.

    next step- invite Millenials signed up to pre- buy the app and access the platform.

    We have created unique content working with our own proposed AI and a growing band of mini games we have written in house that promotes well-being through productivity- using rules like Pareto’s law of working 20% of the allotted time and attempt to achieve 80% of the workload- and the rule of 1of1, to train users to seek small steps to make change. We have used common functions like ‘Make your bed’ as game #1 and our version a very popular tv reality program as game #2 I am personally very excited to show you when its done.

    Sincerely yours
    Ben Bacon

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