We say it’s not the length of life but the quality of life you live now that’s important. Trying to be a better version of you when you go to sleep from when you woke up. We want to be there with you, tracking your vital signs, guiding you, be there for the moments that connect us, & ultimately provide you with answers that empower. Tell us your greatest health challenge and we will build around you. 

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Forgive the long form letter. Sometimes it takes more than a few words to be able to express myself, but i hope you find us engaging, sincere and genuine,…First, lets take a moment, if your one of those people who moan about their health but do nothing, this is not for you…please I beg of you to leave this site now…..
Ok good, i am hoping that if your still reading this, then you have something about you. thank you for staying, we will grow together if you choose to connect. We want to talk with passionate people, people who care about themselves enough to discover the massive health goals that mean something to them. People like you perhaps who want to pursue health and wellness on your own terms. There is no wrong answer in choosing the path that best suits you to be as healthy as you aim to be.

  •      You might already be doing the fitness levels/ step counter/ heart rate monitor and BMI thing
  •      Your probably also aware that its not easy to track yourself cos you want better but simpler metrics
  •      Maybe your just trying to find time to exercise, deal with stress, or not! and
  •      Your not getting any younger so things creak and your back aches, especially bad news if your under 35
  •      Also, up to now, existing wearables just didn’t always fulfil your need.

    We have created exciting health technology and want your help to understand your greatest health & wellness needs  & challenges

    So we can take it to the next stage of design.

Pain Points. We want to understand your pain points, your reasons for not doing something to help yourself improve your health and wellness.  Its not all about fitness. Click here for the 20 second, one main Question questionnaire

So we asked ourselves Why should you help us?

Is it because our health tech will help you manage your life better, easier, with less stress? and actually have fun using? or is it because we are bribing you with 20% off cost And getting early access to our stuff?

or is it because we fundamentally deep down have so much commitment to building a great product and giving you what you need that if we dont tell you,  we feel morally obliged to come round your place and demand why you, your loved ones, cat and dog are not having fun with them daily.

Not really, but we are

  • real focused on understanding your pain points, your reasons for not doing something, or starting then stopping.
  • We are building a community we want your network to be a part of cos we think peers are the best way to persuade you to keep on track..
  • and know we are listening
  • giving you really great products that take you to the next level of health tracking so you can pursue health and reduce stress.
  • creating really cool ways for you to have fun with your health data as well as have leaderboards
  • making the process so sticky you stay with us for years and years (once we have products that you buy!)
  • but first …….
Complete Our 20 Second Questionnaire

And join us on a journey of growth that lasts a lifetime….