What problems cant you solve right now? You have a research team and cohorts of patients.  Can this be the answer to your prayers?

health tracker in research

This is ready. are you?

Is your research team ready?

Loaded with technology and a non patient accessible online interface, it is possible to use any or all of the sensors on board. Set up from your research base, then pass over to your cohort for collecting of data.  No wires, one button control, hand held, very large storage on board- available for download back at the unit or remotely accessible, long lasting rechargable li-polymer battery.

Can you see which patient groups would benefit from having access to this unit?

Concerned about balance evaluation, or position sense development both assessment and training. This could be used. How about remote monitoring of the heart and blood oxygen saturation levels? Sensors include a built in EKG, 3 axis accelerometer, gyroscope & magnetometer, Heart rate monitor from an array of light emitting diodes, very high quality temperature sensor, Humidity and a second Temperature Sensor, oxygen saturation levels, galvanic pads for measurement of eccrine sweat glands. The potential to explore heart rate variability, breathing rate.

We have been in stealth mode for many months developing and proving the actual technology. We are now taking research use enquiries now. Contact us now at research@yu-scan.com and label your subject as “research use of health tracker”.