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    Hi, Ciao Bella:) Well what a great few weeks it has been. Immense amount of work from all the team prior to going Rome and what a time we have had. Thank you to the amazing team at MFR18 for the invite. The stand location in Hall 5 smack in the middle was a great focus. We had a great reception from all who came and found us before we found them.:)

    Bizarrely, Our Dream Machine, (https://twitter.com/scan_yu),purposely a big heavy ‘maker’ bit of kit, ended up being a hit!! Control your mind, through meditation, control the swirling waters and subdue the Demons in your mind…… We wanted this Dream Machine to be a reference to make games for us…… not this necessarily but hey..This hardware EEG game/ brain computer interface went down really well and the demand is to provide the kits fully loaded as well- not our intention but after 340 users, we might buckle under the pressure… We are looking at how viable it is to provide this for them and you if you wish. Comment/ message us here. We will also provide the links for the 3d printed stars of the show; ‘Doom’ models, Incubus and Cacodemon. Mini-Game makers, your future is probably assured if you can build the games for devices like the EEG devices for our users.

    Remember we want your help to build the supply chain for our future modern army. Our Be-team players, our users, will need and be hungry for the newest, the latest, the most engaging. NB not necessarily the most polished- look at Angry birds after all. Clean, effective, delivered on a massively engaging point- addiction.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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